HTML5 Video Background


HTML5 Media Background is a powerful javascript engine with a simple usage that lets you add any type of media such as Videos, swf Flashes and Images to your site background. You can do all of these with a single call of the engine. It is purely based on HTML5 and lets you set the desired options such as adjusting the media size and position. There is also an option for playing/pausing the media dynamically with javascript.




The features of this product are:

  • Very easy to use with simple function
  • Completely HTML5 basis
  • Video, Image and swf Flash backgrounds support
  • With Documentation and different samples
  • Adjusting media size
  • Adjusting media absolute position
  • Playing/Pause option
  • Keeping the video aspect ratio
  • Setting full screen mode based on media height or width
  • Automatically loop the video

Why to buy HTML5 Media Background Engine?

  • Adding dynamic backgrounds, such as a video or Flash movie,  to the web pages make them more interesting for users.
  • There is no need to learn advanced scripting and adding many lines of code; All things are done very quickly and easily!
  • There is no need to do separate jobs for different types of background; Add your video, flash or image just by one function.
  • Our different examples and documentation helps you to adjust your background.
  • We are hear to answer your questions and help you in your design.

Full Support and Money Back:

  • If our engine has any problem, we will either fixed it or give your money back!

Buy this Powerful Engine just for:


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